Sunday, 29 April 2012

Materialistic Western Culture has overtaken our Youngsters and they follow it blindly. Ingredients of Western Culture that satisfied our body but not our soul, and they made servants our youngsters. This Blind aping has made them forget the past and future..

 They remain engaged in enjoying the present. Pornography is their priority. This unmindful aping has made our boys girlish and girls boyish
 Western youngsters roam almost naked and our youngsters are heading towards this stage. Our youngsters care a fig values, rules and regulations and they believe in licence and not freedom.

This attitude has made them violent, aggressive and trigger happy. Bodily purity has no feeling for them. For money they are ready to stoop any low. They respect no check, no control and character has no importance in their eyes.

Let us follow western technological strides, scientific high jumps but not its culture and fashion. Soul is more important than body...................................